It’s all for the love of fried chicken! We are a husband and wife team with a serious passion for fried chicken We believe that high quality ingredients, generous portions, and good ol’ hospitality are all key to a perfect casual joint.

During a trip to Nashville, Chef Matt experienced Nashville Hot Chicken for the first time – it was love at first taste. The combination of crispy skin, moist chicken, and balanced hot seasonings blew his mind and he knew Toronto needed to experience this too.

If there is one thing that we know, it’s that this isn’t a carbon copy of another fried chicken restaurant in Nashville. We do our own thing, our own way, with a lot of heart. When building our recipes, we started from scratch and incorporated our own ideas and flavours to create a truly unique version of Nashville Hot Chicken. Each individual piece of chicken is dry brined with a blend of our own spices and rests for two days to ensure the brine has time to work its way to the centre of every piece of chicken. All of our sauces and spice blends are made in-house; even our Ghost Peppers are blended by hand to ensure we are using the purest and hottest peppers possible! The chickens we serve are Halal and are from Sargent Farms, located in Ontario, Canada. Each chicken is grain-fed, free-run and never receive any hormones or steroids.